Gait analysis

For our gait analysis we are using an entirely new measuring system that is so far unique in Austria. With this system we can not only measure data of individual steps but more importantly step sequences in order to determine the cause for your condition. Based on these results we can provide you with individually fitted insoles, advise you in your shoe choice and conduct specific physiotherapy (i.e. exercise program and/or running style training and adaption) in order to help you enjoy physical activity.

• diagnosis and evaluation of your movement and gait pattern • malposture and dysfunction • difference in leg length • muscle weakness or contraction • changes in bone structure and soft tissue • injuries • fitting of orthopedic insoles and shoes • post-operative care • preventive analysis for sportsmen and -women

Static Foot Analysis In the static foot analysis we collect information about your individual foot type, the pressure distribution while standing and possible areas of pressure overload.

Dynamic Foot Analysis While repeatedly walking across the 150cm measuring plate, we measure your step length and angle as well as the pressure distribution while walking in order to determine possible areas of pressure overload on your feet.

Orthopedic Insoles By taking into account the results of your gait analysis, our orthopedic engineers can produce individually fitted insoles for your everyday footwear as well as various kinds of sports shoes.

Time Duration: 15 minutes

Fees: €50