(Sports-) Orthopedics for Children

  • Ultrasound examinations of the hip joint for Newborns

The human hip joint is not fully developed at the time of birth. In Austria, routinely ultrasound examinations are performed on newborns’ hip joints in order to prevent maturation disorders or possible malformations at an early stage. According to the pregnancy-passport, this examination should be performed within one week after birth, as well as a follow-up check-up including an orthopedic examination at app. 6-8 weeks after birth. It is neither painful nor harmful and, if performed at an early age, helps to prevent long-term effects or initiate necessary treatment and therapy as soon as possible. If you would like to schedule a hip ultrasound for infants, please contact us via phone.

  • Child and youth (sports) orthopedics

Child and youth orthopedics includes the examination, diagnosis and treatment of possible malformations, disorders, injuries and growth disturbances of the locomotor system. In particular, we focus on the examination of the feet (talipes varus and valgus, flat foot, splay foot, contracted foot), hip joints, extremities, and spine (scoliosis) as well as the diagnosis of growth disturbances. Hence the locomotor system of children and adolescents should be trained but not overwhelmed, we particularly pay attention to young patients who are engaging in any kind of training, in order to prevent acute and chronic diseases and their long-term effects.

Targets of Sports Orthopedics:

  • early diagnosis
  • therapeutic measures in case of stress damage and chronic injuries, muscular imbalance as well as false posture, …
  • preserving pleasure and fun in sportive activities as well as health

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  • Pregnancy-pass examinations
  • Medical reports for professional athletes
  • Examination, diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents