Visualizing Pain

Ultrasound examinations serve as an addition to the clinical orthopedic examination. Dr. Karl-Heinz Kristen has specialized in ultrasound-examinations of joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Examinations with our high-resolution unit are radiation- and pain-free, provide instant dynamic imaging of the examined body part and allow a fast decision for the right course of treatment. Likewise, sonographic imaging serves as a visual support for infiltrations and punctures.


  • torn muscles
  • ruptured ligaments (sprained ankles)
  • Erguss/Ganglion/Zyste im Gelenk
  • swelling/ganglions/cysts in joints
  • conditions of the Achilles tendon such as (partial) ruptures or calcifications
  • shoulder and hip pain 


At the Sportsclinic, ultrasound examinations will not be covered by regional medical insurance.

  • Costs: 50€

Please note: Regional medical insurance covers ultrasound examinations at institutes for radiology on presentation of a corresponding referral.